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این برنامه قادر است که کد VB.net رو به #C تبدیل کنه .

VB Net to C# Converter 2.21

Are you ready to take the plunge and convert your code to C#?

Many already have and you can too! Download the trial edition for free and check it out. There is absolutely no hassle and no registration required.

Key Features
Support for Visual Studio 2008 - The latest 2008 features are supported, including LINQ, XML, WPF, Lambda expressions, and extension methods.
High Accuracy - The Microsoft 101 VB Samples convert with no compiler errors, and each release is stress tested on hundreds of other sample programs (public domain, in-house, and customer supplied).
Ease of Use - While the conversion logic itself is horrendously complex, the use of the converter isn’t. You are guided through each step of the process with easy, clear instructions.
Customization - Not every project is the same. With dozens of conversion options to choose from, you are in control of the conversion process.
Convert Single Projects or Groups of Projects - You can create lists of programs and convert them with one click. There’s also a command line version included.
Comprehensive Reporting - There are reports showing potential trouble spots in your code, interesting things which happened during the conversion process, and any C# compiler errors which need to be fixed.

Download VB Net to C# Converter 2.21:


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